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Kantana Institute aims to continue the vision of Khun Pradit Kaljareuk, the founder of Kantana Group Public Company Limited. We are considered one of the forerunners of the entertainment industry in Thailand. The main goal to actively develop media professionals with hopes to continue to add value to this industry. We truly believe in the ideology that “Knowledge will lift the artist higher.”

Kantana Institute is a private higher educational institute specializing in production and management of entertainment media. Our very first program offered in the academic year 2010 was the Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program, majoring in Film and Animation Production. At the start of the 2011 academic year, the institute as launched another major, Transmedia TV Production. To add on the 2012 Curriculum Revision, we aimed to draw the potential of the Thais to build their creative assets, leading to economic development. We aim set a high level of standard to support the growth of the industry and be internationally recognized.
The symbol of our institute is The Shiva as Nataraja, symbolizing Rhythm of Creation. Kantana Institute marks the meaning of movement of learning, along with the use intellect and soul towards all creation art.
Our Symbolic Color
The color of our institute is blue. Blue represents the color of Friday, the day Khun Pradith Kaljareuk was born. The person who influenced and established the foundation of our institute.
Our Symbolic Plant
The plant that represents our institute is the Thai crape myrtle, the sacred wood. The tree is tall, large, strong and stable. Its base holds everything in place. Previous generations believe that anyone who grows this tree will bring about luck and prosperity. The use of Thai crape myrtle as a symbol of the institute is to convey the firmness of the organization and the dignity of the profession of the art of media production.
Philosophy - Vision
Kantana Institute is dedicated to the study of the production of entertainment media, with emphasis on hand on skills along with learning the foundations and principles. We take pride in not just entertaining the audience, but doing so with principle and adding value to society.

Kantana Institute will be an institute of higher learning in the art of production of entertainment media. It aims to produce professional individuals who adhere to the moral, ethical cultural values. They will be prepared go out in the world and able to pursue their passions.
Kantana Institute aims to promote and develop professional students, who are knowledgeable academically and technologically, based on the correct academic basis. They must also adheres to the code of professional ethics in the mass media industry, creating content by taking into account social responsibility. Continue to update their knowledge and keep up with the fast changing world and improve the quality of work.
  1. Develop graduates that have the academic ability with professional knowledge and leadership skills that meets the industry standards.
  2. Research and develop new knowledge to contribute to the industry and society.
  3. Exchange and transfer of academic knowledge to private and public agencies.
  4. Instill the ideas and values of national cultural heritage.
  • To develop graduates with extensive and deep knowledge. The student can integrate the knowledge gathered and transfer it general knowledge as well. They can create media output that can amplify or expand into media integration.
  • To encourage students to develop skills in research, analyzation, organization. To be able to make the most of the tools available to them.
  • To create graduates that can work in a professional level and is able to work well with others.
  • To work in an ethical and responsible manner.

Kantana Institute is located at 999 Moo 2 Tumbol Klong Yong, Amphoe Puttamonton, Changwat Nakornphathom. The land used for educational purposes up to 10 acres, within the proximity of 600 acres of land owned by Kantana Movie Town. Therefore the Institute is located in the ideal environment that promotes education in film, animation and television production. Students will gain hands on experience surrounded closely by professionals in the industry.

Land of Kantana Movie Town (2002) Co., Ltd.
Land of Kantana Group Pubic Company Limited
Land of Kantana Movie Town (2002) Co., Ltd. and Public Road
Land of Kantana Movie Town (2002) Co., Ltd.

Kantana Institute is designed to be one story tall with its unique design, aiming to create a studio feel which is suitable of a perfect learning space that stems beyond the classroom.
Contact Kantana Institute
Kantana Institute
999 Moo.2 Salaya-Bang Phasi Rd.,
Khlong Yong, Phuttamonthon,
Nakhon Pathom 73170
Tel.: 034-964441, 034-964442, 034-964443, 098-556-4151
Fax: 034-964-445
Email: info@kantana.ac.th
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Kantana Group Public Company Limited
333/3 Ratchadanivej Soi 19,
Pracha-U-Thit Rd., Samsen Nok,
Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310
Tel.: 02-275-0046
Fax: 02-274-2054
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Kantana Training Center
333/3 Ratchadanivej Soi 19,
Pracha-U-Thit Rd., Samsen Nok,
Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310
Tel.: 02-275-0046 #390 , 085-339-0567
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